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Saturday, February 5, 2011

McDonalds & Marriage

One of my greatest delights of late has been listening (some may call it eavesdropping, but..... whatever) to conversations around me at school. The majority of them seem to be centered around finding their 'significant other', but you always have the random doctrinal, financial, and philosophical debates going on - those never interest me. My focus has been on the marital discussions.

I find it humorous that Freshmen and Seniors alike are so focused on being in serious relationships that they'll allow their grades and practically every other aspect of their lives to suffer because they are consumed with this one thing. These guys can't seem to hold down a part-time job at McDonalds and yet here they are, considering their list of "possibilities" for their future Mrs. Loser. What in the world?!?!?! If you are unable to hold down the simplest of all jobs, turn in papers on time, do your homework, pick up your dirty socks, and remember to brush your teeth and apply deodorant, you PROBABLY shouldn't be thinking about marriage yet. Just sayin'.

Second really funny aspect of these "Marriage Counselling" sessions is when the poor, unsuspecting Freshman is asking the STILL SINGLE SENIOR for dating advice! Two friends of mine were shopping just before Christmas. The Freshman, whom we shall name Herman, had recently developed a crush on a certain upperclassman and Herman's brother, whom we shall name Marvin, seemed to be just the type of wise upperclassman to help him choose an appropriate Christmas gift. Marvin is a decidedly single guy who is tired of being at the mall by this time and wants nothing more than to be home. Herman chooses this particular time to ask Marvin what he should buy for his sweetheart that wouldn't be too serious or suggest their relationship is deeper than it really is. Marvin suggests a certain item he is SURE she'll LOVE and insists it's the perfect gift to give a girl who's your friend but not your girlfriend; Herman, the poor, clueless Freshman purchases said item and takes it home, rather pleased with himself for having heeded the advice of his wiser, older brother. One word for you: DUMB. Marvin chose the closest thing at hand to suggest for his brother's sweetheart in order to save himself the trouble of putting actual effort into choosing an appropriate gift. In the end, Herman purchased a Foot Bath (the kind your Grandma uses to soak her bunions) as his first Christmas present to his beloved. This could have been avoided had Herman sought advice from someone actually IN a relationship! Just sayin'.

Yesterday, I spent quite some time locked in a bus full of college students. I had the opportunity to listen to a couple of these conversations going on around me simultaneously and was seriously having to hold back the laughter. After a bit of time, the Lord started to speaking to my heart and began convicting me. No, He wasn't convicting me about my eavesdropping; He was convicting me about my level of contentment. As I sat there, listening to the friendly banter and advice swirling around me, I suddenly realized that I was caught up in the same kind of obsession as those around me. No, I am not consumed with finding a boyfriend or husband but I'm essentially partaking in the same folly! Allow me to explain.

Any time I seek after or attempt to obtain anything that God has not given, I am withholding the blessings of God on my life! Until I can honestly be content with what I have physically, relationally, and monetarily, God will not be able to give me more. The Bible tells us to be content in whatever state we find ourselves and yet here we sit, always talking about the future and how we're striving to gain ground in our lives and listing all that we think we need in order to be happy. Sometimes, McDonalds IS God's will for this time in your life! Perhaps it's His will for you to remain single for another year or two. BE CONTENT! Look around you and start writing down all that God's blessed you with and start saying thank you; giving thanks goes a long way in reminding you of just how unworthy and blessed you really are.

There is so much to be learned in every stage of our lives if we'll just sit up, grab a notebook, sharpen a pencil, and take some notes. I'm excited to learn all that God has for me in my single life and I can't wait to see what's coming up next! I hope that I never exchange my 'McDonalds' for 'Marriage' before God's time!


  1. Love it, Laura! And so true! I was just struggling with some majoy not being content (acutally not about a husband this time :-P ) just before I read this post. Thanks for the reminder. :-) By the way, love your writing style!

  2. Amazing! I have now bookmarked your blog and shall be a faithful reader =) Excellent comparison 'twould make a great devotional sometime!